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S H Cotton/Linen Blue Stripe

Hello everyone.

This is the Journal of our online store, which is updated every Thursday.

Since we haven't been able to introduce any clothes recently, we would like to introduce some S H products that are perfect for this hot and humid season.

S H CVRL-032

Denim coverall motif from the 1940s.

The cotton linen fabric is light and airy, so it is not too hot even when worn this time of year.

The blue and white stripes give it a fresh color scheme.

The warp is made of cotton and the weft is made of alternating linen and cotton, giving the garment a visually cooler feel.

The coverall design allows you to enjoy summer fashion without being too simple, even in the summer when you want to add various accessories to your light clothing.

The shirt fabric is made of cotton/linen, so it will become loose after repeated washing, and the wrinkles that appear when you roll it up are a nice touch.

S H GMBT-032

We also have a standard regular-collar shirt made of this cotton/linen fabric.

It is a standard shirt with nothing special about it, but if the silhouette is beautiful and the fabric is good, it is definitely a “good shirt”.

By the way, only coveralls are available in our online store at the moment.

Regular colors will be released from the online store next week.

We will have both in stock at the actual store, so if you are interested, please visit the store.

For those who live far away, please wait a little longer for the online store release.

There are several other products that are not yet available online, and will be uploaded sequentially from next week. Please look forward to them as well.

We will be open for business again this week from today, Thursday.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

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