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Online Store Update 6/13

Hello everyone.

This is Kubo from keylime Tokyo.

It's been a little while since we last updated our online store. There are a few items that have been released from 12:00 today.

These items are already available in the store, but will be released in the online store in two weeks, this week and next week.

In this issue of the Journal, we would like to introduce some of the items that have been released.

With the release of this season's SH products, all items are now available on our online store.

We would like to introduce GMBT-005 and WSTN-005, which are made of newly introduced fine stripe fabrics.


It is made of a dressy fabric that is different from previous S H shirts in that it is taut yet supple and has an elegant drape.

However, that is the SH.

The dressy element has been removed by washing, and the shirt has become a "casual" shirt that can be worn cool without being washed.

There are two shapes: the Regular Collar Shirt and the Western Shirt, which was introduced last year.

Please choose your favorite shape.

Lucky 'n' Lure Pocket Tee


MBT buntA

This is the only sandal developed by keylime Tokyo.

They are also the only sandals that are available at keylime Tokyo and have been used and approved by our CEO, Seki, who has been wearing them for three years.

The sole is characterized by its ability to strengthen the torso and support posture correction. The curved sole takes some getting used to at first, but once you get used to it, you will no longer be conscious that you are correcting your gait.

The voluminous sole is also easy to match with your clothes.

There are some products that we have not been able to introduce in this issue of the Journal.

Please check our New Arrivals page for more information.

Le Yucca's boat moccasins/cordovan, which have been available in stores since last week, have also been released.

We will also be releasing new items from our online store next Thursday, so please look forward to them as well.

The Gohonki store will be open from today, Thursday, until Monday, the first day of the week.

Our representative, Mr. Seki, is currently back in Paris, and I, Kubo, will be the sole sales representative for the next three weeks.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

keylime Tokyo Kubo