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Online Store Update 6/20

Hello everyone, this is Kubo from keylime Tokyo.

Continuing from last week, we have released many new items in our online store this week.

Although they are already available in our stores, this week's releases mean that most of the items currently available in our stores are now available for purchase through our online store.

In this issue of the Journal, we would like to introduce some of the products that have been released.

Please take a look.

1027 Cutsew

1027's new cutsew for this season is available in four colors, including bright green and blue.

The short-sleeved version is also available in multi-colors.

The cotton using high quality combed yarn is comfortable to the touch, and the fabric becomes uneven after repeated washing to prevent it from clinging to the skin.

While the silhouette is relaxed, the length and neckline give a sense of cleanliness and do not give the impression of "just a big cut and sewn".

1027 Cutsew Long Sleeve, Green

This season's Green has a solid coloring.

Even when paired with simple bottoms, it will lift your spirits without becoming a simple coordinate.

1027 Cutsew Short Sleeve, Charcoal

Charcoal is an exquisite color that seems to be unique.

This season's 1027 charcoal gray does not give a heavy impression, and the word "versatile" fits perfectly.

We sincerely recommend it to those who want to have one item that they can wear when in doubt.

holk Dog

holk, a brand from Nagoya that has been available at keylime since its opening, now has a "stuffed animal" instead of clothes.

The items, which have been part of our store displays for some time now, are now also available in our online store.

We hope you can feel the excitement of a "select store" from our online store.

Other items reflect our CEO Seki's thoughts on the "select store" concept.

cornelian taurus by daisuke iwanaga Crocodile Tote Bag, Navy

(Please see the buyer's note on the product page for more details)

Please check out the other items released last week and the new items from the New Arrivals page here.

This completes our online store release of this season's items for now. Basically, we are neither a store with a large product lineup nor a store with a fast release cycle, but more than half a year has passed since the online store was established, and the number of products has been steadily increasing.

We hope you will enjoy shopping from the online store as well, as we have selected items with universality that are not influenced by trends, and you can feel the world view of keylime Tokyo.

Of course, we are looking forward to seeing you at our actual store.

We always look forward to talking with you.

We will be open five days a week from today, Thursday, to the first day of the week, Monday.

keylime Tokyo Kubo