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S H Chambray Shirts

After the store's first event (an order-taking event for Bawa leather shoes) ended last weekend, time is flowing leisurely again in Gopongi.

It suddenly got cold and I thought I would never be able to let go of my winter clothes, but this week the weather has changed drastically, with bright, warm sunshine and spring-like weather.

Today, we would like to introduce a product that is perfect for spring: S H's classic chambray shirts.

Although we often hear the word "chambray," we may have a vague definition of the term.

Strictly speaking, the term "chambray" does not refer to the unique pale blue color that symbolizes everything, but is a general term for fabrics woven in a plain weave using colored threads for the warp and white for the weft.

S H's chambray fabric is made of an original domestic fabric, and the above color relationship is reversed, with white used for the warp and colored threads (blue) for the weft.

Yes, we refer to it as chambray to make it easier for customers to understand, but strictly speaking, it is not the same as the definition of chambray.

To be more precise, the number of warps and wefts in the plain weave has been altered to create this original specification.

We often receive compliments on the texture and the deep coloring of the fabric, which is not easy to find, but in fact, it is filled with such particularities.

Here is a comparison of an unused item (left) and one that has actually been used for several years (right).

Repeated washing makes the fabric more fluffy, and the soft wrinkles from washing give it a familiar look. You can feel what is commonly referred to as "aging" and enjoy the pleasure of growing the fabric.

In addition, the buttons on S H's colored shirts are basically the same color as the fabric, and these chambray shirts use lacto buttons.

As you can see from the photo, the buttons have a tendency to fade little by little, and the color of the buttons will change as the fabric fades.

The buttons do not stand out against the faded fabric.

Currently, we are offering four styles in this chambray fabric: regular collar, button-down, western, and trucker jacket.

Although it is a standard fabric, we also plan to offer shorts in the same fabric this spring. Also, from this season, the white fabric has been renewed to the same structure as the chambray fabric (the weft is also white), and the firm and taut oxford fabric has been updated to a fluffy and soft fabric similar to the above chambray fabric.

We hope you will take this item to the store and feel the high quality of the fabric. We will be open from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00. We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

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