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[Event information] premio gordo Bawa order event

This is the first event at keylime Tokyo.

The Japanese shoe brand premio gordo and I, Jumpei SEKI, will be holding an order event for the ultimate plain toe "Bawa", which we co-created.

Before I explain the event, I'd like to give you a bit of background on the making of the Bawa.

I had the impression that premio gordo made high quality, neat leather shoes, but I thought that if I were to wear them myself, I would want to make them a little more classic.

They had V-tips and loafers in my inline, so I suggested that we work together on a simple plain toe, which would be the basis of our work.

A pair of plain-toe shoes of unknown age and brand that had been left in a corner of the Asakusa workshop where premio gordo shoes are made.

We decided to make a wooden pattern based on these.

They have the feel of vintage service shoes, but are elegant at the same time.

We had them finished to strike a balance between casual wearability and elegance.

The Bawa has a balance that makes it suitable not only for leather shoe lovers, but also for those who find leather shoes a bit uncomfortable.

They are perfect for casual wear such as denim, but also for more formal occasions (dinner in jackets).

The softness of the sole soaked in plenty of oil and the lightness of the leather sole make this a pair that has been thought through for ease of use.

And above all, they are beautiful. (The most important thing).

Bawa launched its first model in 2022.

The first pair was vegetable-tanned calf (black), the second was chrome-tanned calf (brown) and the third was kangaroo (black), a pair for each season.

And the new one is cordovan.

"We would like to do it in cordovan one day," said the designer, Tomatsu-san, and this has finally been realised.

The cordovan shoes worn in today's article are that cordovan.

They are beautiful enough even now, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how they will change over time.

The three materials available for order at this event are shown in the photo.

From left to right: kangaroo, cordovan and calf.

At first glance, these are the same black leather shoes, but we hope that you will enjoy the different personalities of each.

Also, as a special material for the event, a pair of cordovan in burgundy is available.

We do not have a sample of the finished product but we will display the cordovan before it is cut.

It will be a special experience to be able to choose the leather before it is turned into shoes.

The event runs for three days from tomorrow - Friday 23 - Sunday 25 February. The cordovan Bawa is currently only available at this event.

Other materials will also be available for those who have been unable to purchase in the past due to size shortages or other reasons.

All size samples will be available during the event.

The designer, Tomatsu-san, she also be at the shop on 24 Feb (Sat).

Don't miss the opportunity to hear directly from the creator.

Of course, I, Jumpei SEKI, a self-confessed leather shoe idiot, will also be available on other dates to help you choose the right leather shoes.

If you are too far away to visit the shop, please contact us by phone or email.

We look forward to welcoming you this weekend.

keylime Tokyo

Jumpei SEKI