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Le Yucca's U-TIP

Enzo Bonafe is one of the world's best shoe factories and brands in Bologna, Italy, and Le Yucca's, made with the factory's technology and more modern design, attracts shoe lovers from all over the world.

I met the designer Yuka-san 10 years ago in Paris.

The brand was still unknown to many people.

Personally, I had not worn many Italian shoes, but I remember being overwhelmed by the beauty of Le Yucca's shoes.

Four years later, when I decided to open my own shop, PARKS Paris, I placed my first order.

That model is still available as a standard item at PARKS Paris, but if I was going to set up a new shop in Tokyo, I wanted to create a new model.

With this in mind, I went to an exhibition in January this year.

Chatting with Yuka-san while looking at the many shoes. Such time is also a source of inspiration. The photo on the right shows Yuka-san's always elegant feet.

Le Yucca's standard U-tips are a model that many shops order, but I want to wear them myself.

But it would be boring if they were the same as everyone else's.

The result is this U-tip, keylime special edition.

I have always been curious about exotic leathers and wanted to try them one day.

I hesitate to use it for the entire upper, so I only use it for the instep.

Black and brown exotics are too strong, so I used navy lizard for a softer impression.

I found a navy box calf in a similar tone, so I used that for the other parts.

Navy tones are difficult to choose; if it's too bright, it's too casual and you have to choose what to wear with it. And you get bored of it pretty quickly. (My xperience.)

A darker navy, almost black, like this one, is the best choice.

Blue enough to be recognisable in the sunshine.

You can have it matched with black leather shoes in the same sense, resulting in a slightly softer and more elegant look.

The yellow of the keylime original socks also goes well with it. For more information on the specifications, please see the product page.

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