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S H regular collar shirt.

Usually woven in Japan, this is a special model for keylime Tokyo using ALUMO poplin from Switzerland.

ALUMO is a prestigious Swiss shirt fabric manufacturer with a history of over 100 years.

The refining and dyeing process of the hand-picked cotton is carried out without the use of formalin or other harmful substances.

The shirt fabrics thus carefully produced are of unquestionably the best quality, with a silky sheen and smoothness, as well as a supple bounce and firmness.

I am reminded that such beautiful fabrics can be produced simply by using good raw cotton and no unnecessary chemicals.

I have worn it myself and washed it more than 20 times, but the texture has not been damaged and it is changing over time even more beautifully.

If you just use this fabric as it is, it will become a little too mature due to its high quality, so after sewing it is washed and even put in the dryer to finish it off.

The key point is that by going this far, a beautiful puckering is produced on the placket and collar, giving a three-dimensional look.

The concept of washing a high quality shirt in its natural state is common to all S H items, so of course this ALUMO is made in the same way.

The silhouette is loose without being too oversized.

It is reminiscent of classic American vintage shirts.

The breast pocket is as large as possible so that you can fit a lot of things in it.

Put your business card holder, AirPods and a pen in it.

This versatile shirt can be worn simply with denim to create a good atmosphere. If you want something a little more formal, you can wear it with wool slacks. But it should be worn unwashed and not worn at all.

Try this shirt, which can be worn without hesitation and is convenient (and incredibly elegant) all year round, with a jacket or knit over it from now on.

keylime Tokyo

Jumpei SEKI