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Le Yucca's Lizard Belt, Navy
Le Yucca's Lizard Belt, Navy
Le Yucca's Lizard Belt, Navy
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Le Yucca's Lizard Belt, Navy

Le Yucca's

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Color: Navy

About the product

This beautiful belt is made in an Italian workshop using the same navy lizard used for the U-tip shoes for keylime.
The buckle is the brand's original one, made of palladium treated brass base, and has a transparent luster.
At 25mm, it is a little thin for men, and its thin and restrained volume is also elegant.

Buyer's note

Belts are difficult to find. It is difficult to find a good one.
If it is too casual, it is hard to use, and if it is for dress, it is boring. Where can I find a good looking belt that I can use every day? This has been my theme for many years.
I heard that Yuka, the designer of Le Yucca's, felt the same way, and she said that she made this belt for herself because she had been looking for a simple belt for several years and couldn't find one.
A classy, slightly sexy belt like this with casual cotton pants such as denim or chinos would be the perfect balance.
Not that wool slacks are a no-no, but they might be a little too erotic...
If you go for it, that's fine, too.
We highly recommend this belt to those who are refugees from the belt industry.

Made in Italy


Front: Lizard
Back: Calf

Size Guide

SizeLengthCompatible WaistBelt Width
SizeLengthCompatible WaistBelt Width
32.3 inch37.4 inch28.7 inch1.0 inch
33.9 inch39.0 inch30.3 inch1.0 inch


Le Yucca's

a Japanese designer, Yucca Murase living in Italy, created her brand in 2000. She mix the modern style with Italian traditional manufact.