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Le Yucca's Black box calf shoes

The two models originally made for PARKS Paris are also available at keylime Tokyo from today.

I have been wearing them myself for over three years and can confidently recommend these two pairs.

You can see my personal items here.

It's best to see them in person, but they're just beautiful.

These two pairs are both Karena Last and have the same wood shape as the U-tips currently on sale at keylime Tokyo.

Both are made of black box calf and have a classic, fearless look.

We are proud to be in charge of Le Yucca's trad part, so we aimed for a finish that could easily be adopted by people who wear Alden or J.M.Weston.

The Ghillie is made in the Mckay process to be light and supple.

We hope that people will take to it with a sense of full brogue with a little bit of fun.

The bottom surface is also a work of art.

You can wear them lightly with the leather sole or after applying half rubber.

And plain toe boots.

It's like an elegant take on military boots.

Just match them with your everyday denim and you're set.

These are Goodyear welted and half rubber is already fitted.

You can wear them the same day you buy them.

For those of you out there who like your Goodyear shoes without saying a word.

It will be available in keylime Tokyo shops from today.

Please wait a little longer for the upload to the web shop.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the shop from today and again this weekend.

keylime Tokyo is open this weekend as Monday is a public holiday.

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Jumpei SEKI