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EYELIM Denim Pants MS-001


this is Kubo from keylime Tokyo.

I would like to introduce a new brand, EYELIM denim pants, which just arrived at our store the other day.

First of all, let us introduce the brand EYELIM,

a denim brand newly created by Seki, our representative, and Hiroyuki Miyata, an old friend of Seki who runs the select store "HOMEDICT" in Omotesando.

Both of them are not only passionate about denim,

but also have their own standard style of shirt and denim. Seki, who has his own standard style of shirt and denim, lives in France, while Miyamoto-san continues to pursue American denim and military wear.

Although they absorb different cultures, they share a common denim style, and the denim introduced today is a product that incorporates their mutual obsession. The silhouette is a slim type with a tapered shape, similar to the 606 in Levi's.

However, unlike the 606, this denim has a button fly.

However, unlike the 606, it has a button fly. There is also a rolled seam detail, and the fabric can withstand tension even when worn in a tight style because of these sturdy details.

So is it right to wear them tight, or are you free to do so?

We have a wide range of 6 sizes from 0 to 5.

We hope you can choose your favorite fit and silhouette.

By the way, this item is currently not available online, but only in-store. Please try them on at the store and choose your size with us while talking with us.

keylime Tokyo is a new store that has only been open for less than 5 months.

This is a new brand of rigid denim from such a newly opened store. No one has yet experienced how these products change over time.

I have worn one pair down myself.

I hope to walk through the changes of keylime Tokyo and my own growth as a salesperson together with the aging of EYELIM denim.

I look forward to sharing these changes with you.

Please come and visit us at keylime Tokyo.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.