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Le Sans Pareil Hunting Jacket

Throw it over a shirt and denim to complete the style.

This is a hunting jacket.

This is a special order model made with a long-established French workwear brand, not a keylime Tokyo special order, but a special order with me, so it is now available at shops nationwide.

But because we are introducing it in our Journal, we want you to buy it in keylime Tokyo.

I don't like to describe this jacket as an easy-to-wear, but I think it has a finish that gives you a sense of style just by throwing it on without thinking about it.

The secret (or is that too much of an exaggeration?) lies in the material.

As you can see from the photos, it already has a good atmosphere...

This is because it is garment dyed.

Garment dyeing, in this case, refers to dyeing the color of the jacket after it has been sewn from white fabric.

By doing this, the uneven texture of the jacket, where the color is slightly blurred depending on the parts, and the puckering of the seams (a drawn-out bite) are emphasised, and a jacket that looks familiar even though it is new is completed.

Of course, just dyeing a jacket in the dark is not enough to make it look good.

It is pretty difficult to create the desired atmosphere.

If it is too uneven, it will look dirty, and if you don't consider the balance between the fabric and the sewing, it may tear after dyeing.

The shape is not the brand's main-line coverall type, but the original, inspired by the hunting jackets of the 1940s.

It has a work jacket look with four pockets in a row, but the front is tailored with a double-edged wing and the pocket flaps are unbuttoned.

This gives the jacket a very clean design despite being a work jacket.

You don't usually fasten the buttons on the flaps, do you?

If so, I thought it would be better not to have them on from the start.

(Only when travelling abroad would it be more convenient to have buttons on the flaps.)

When in doubt about how to dress, just throw this jacket on and go.

Trousers to match are of course denim and chinos, but wool trousers are also good.

You don't have to worry about wrinkles even if you wash it, and it keeps getting better and better.

As it is made in a slightly larger size like workwear, wear a middle-gauge knit inside in the current season, and when it gets a little colder, throw a coat over it.

I think leather shoes or boots would look good on the feet.

A versatile jacket that is useful to have.

Please consider it.

keylime Tokyo

Jumpei SEKI