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Dhal in keylime Tokyo Start

Hello everyone.

The event "Dhal in keylime Tokyo" that we have been repeatedly announcing has finally started today!

Dhal, which has been available at keylime Tokyo since its opening, will be open from today, 5/23 (Thu.) to 5/27 (Mon.).

First of all, a brief explanation of the brand.

Dhal is a brand based in Nagoya and is well known not only in Aichi Prefecture but also in the Tokai region.

They have stores in the Higashi and Nishi wards of Nagoya, which is a unique space where you can feel the warmth of human feelings at the same time as well as the beauty of the brand.

Many fans of Dhal love not only the clothes, but also the space, designers, and staff.

This time, the popular brand will hold a POP UP event at keylime Tokyo, and Mr. Nakano, a staff member of the main store, will come to the store as a helper!

Since Mr. Nakano came all the way from Nagoya, we had plenty of Dhal products for this event, including archived items for both men and women!

Here in this Journal, we would like to introduce some photos of the products and the atmosphere of the event, including some photos of the store.

Dhal's special order marche bags are also available. The store also creates a Dhal world view.

This time, some household goods will also be available. We also have clothes with the same dobby pattern as the luncheon mats and cushion covers, and the very world of Dhal.

Military items reconstructed by craftsmen are also available. We have a small number of these items, so if you are interested, please be sure to order as soon as possible.

We have a large selection of clothing from women's to archival items that we do not usually carry. There are also many items that are not fully displayed in the store.

We also offer Aurora shoes and genuine leather ring belts, which are representative of the "Dhal" brand. We have a full range of sizes, including belts.