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S H USWP-003(墨染)

Hello everyone.

keylime Tokyo is open again this week, starting today, Thursday. The weather in Roppongi is cloudy.

It's a little chilly, so you'll want to have something to wear when you go out.

The new items that are available in stores from today are made of shirt fabric and are just right for wearing as a cloak, so I would like to introduce you to them from this journal.

S H USWP-003(Dyed Black)

Flight Shirt


The large gusseted pockets that symbolize the original material are retained, the zip is made into a ratio wing button, and the ribbed atmosphere is reproduced by the wrinkling of the hem, creating a shirt that is not merely traced, but is full of expression that can only be achieved with a shirt.

We would like you to see the exquisite balance between the points that are faithfully reproduced and the points that are uniquely expressed as a shirt.

The post-processing process of product dyeing creates shades of monotone around the sewing points, giving the shirt a different atmosphere from previous shirts of this model.

The monotone gradation colored by sumi ink dyeing has a somewhat "Japanese" element to it.

Interpretation and expression of the original story is one of the unique charms of this product, but it is also a piece of clothing that should be worn and enjoyed with a straightforward sensibility, without any knowledge of the subject matter.

It is available in two sizes, M and L. We sell in stores from today.

Please wait a little longer for the online store.

If you are interested, please come to keylime Tokyo in Roppongi.

One last announcement: keylime tokyo has been open four days a week from Thursday to Sunday, but from May we will be open on Mondays as well.

From now on, we will be open 5 consecutive days from Thursday to Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday will be holidays.

We hope that this extra day will make it easier for even one more customer to come to our store.

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