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Dhal Mame Bandana, Pink
Dhal Mame Bandana, Pink
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Dhal Mame Bandana, Pink


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About the product

Dhal's standard item made of 100/2 poplin fabric used for Dhal shirts. The fabric is carefully crafted with a lockstitch finish on all four sides. It absorbs moisture and dries quickly, so even if you put it back in your pants pocket, it will not get stuffy, and it is also functional.
Because of the post-dyeing process, the length and width of the bandana is slightly different compared to conventional square bean bandanas. This is due to the processing. Please understand this in advance.

Buyer's note
The most flamboyant "bean bandana" in the history of Dhal. The vivid pink color is the perfect accent to your outfit. The pink bandana peeking out of the back pocket of a pair of white jeans is just too good to be true.

Made in Japan


100% Cotton

Size Guide

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