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TOHNAI for keylime Tokyo

A special shirt made by TOHNAI for keylime Tokyo.

I personally wore the rayon shirt that was the brand last summer and felt it was the best shirt for summer, so I had it upgraded and made again this year.

First of all, the rayon has a light material feel.

It has a smooth and slippery touch that makes it comfortable to wear even on hot days without being sticky.

It dries quickly after washing and wrinkles are not a problem.

In fact, this wrinkling is a feature of its coolness.

A black shirt that could become too sexy at the wrong moment can be worn without hesitation with this material.

The neck, which seems to leave only the base collar, is also ideal for wearing on its own.

It's a simple shirt, so we added just a few accents.

Studs made from 925 silver are struck on both sides of the breast pocket opening.

Normally hidden by the flap, they are only visible when putting things in and out of the pockets.

Incidentally, the studs are made one by one by a jewelry craftsman.

They are not coated with any extra coatings, so you can enjoy their dulling and darkening as they age.

I hope you will polish them again and enjoy them along with the shirts.

It's getting warmer these days and I'd love to go out in a shirt like this.

keylime Tokyo will continue to receive products for a while.

We will gradually upload them to our web shop, so we hope you will check back regularly.

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