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S H Linen Garment Dye Series

Hello everyone, this is Kubo from keylime Tokyo. We are now in the second half of Golden Week.

While the weather continues to be unstable, many customers are looking for "shirts that can be worn cooler," perhaps to remind them of the warmth during the daytime and the heat of previous years.

We recommend the TOHNAI shirts we introduced the other day, but this time we would like to introduce S H.

Just the other day, S H's official Instagram announced the completion report of this season's delivery, so we thought many of you might be interested in it.

S H's linen shirt series.

This season at keylime Tokyo, we have four types of shirts: regular collar, trucker jacket, jungle fatigues, and anorak.

Even though the shirts can be worn cool, it is not yet summer yet, so we want to enjoy fashionable clothes appropriate for the season while still feeling comfortable.

This is when S H's tops, which represent all kinds of jackets in shirt fabric, will fit right in.

While faithfully reproducing the details of the original reference, the material used is shirt fabric.

And the material is linen.

S H LVND-004 Trucker Shirt

A G-jacket as light as a shirt.

A shirt as powerful as a G-jan.

Both of these expressions apply to this unique product from S H.

S H FTGJ-004 Fatigue Shirt

The roomy silhouette is an excellent match with the linen material.

We hope you will coordinate it with the shorts made of the same material as a set-up.

S H DKNS-004 Double Knee Shorts

This is a unique work that takes an outdoor-derived anorak and finishes it with linen, a representative natural material.

The conflicting elements are mixed and matched in just the right balance without being repulsive.

This item should be worn as a set-up.

S H GMBT-004 Regular Collar Shirt

Of course, we also offer the standard regular collar shirt.

They are easy to use.

How was it?

I hope you found it appealing.

By the way, tomorrow is a national holiday.

And it will be a four-day weekend.

How about coming to our store and comparing all the models we have introduced this time?

We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

keylime Tokyo