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keylime Cotton Herringbone Bag

The third keylime original item.

The first and second items are, in no particular order, socks and fabric mist.

We have created a souvenir bag with the keylime Tokyo logo and address on it.

I think this type of bag is fashionably called a 'museum tote'.

They are sold at museum shops.

I go to museums not only in France but all over Europe, and when I find a museum tote with good taste, I want one.

But I don't often buy them because I think I won't use them and I don't want to add to my luggage during the trip.

Also, the prices are quite high.

I often feel that the price is a bit out of proportion to the material, as they are all made of the same thin cotton material.

In this point, this tote bag is made of a solid, thick cotton.

To tell a little more detail, it is made of a durable fabric with a woven pattern called herringbone twill.

Unlike normal canvas fabric, it is soft from the begin to use.

It has a snap button closure, an inside pocket and many other features.

But it's not a very formal bag, but it has a nice, easy look to it.

With two different length straps, it can be carried either hand-held or over the shoulder.

It's a bag that feels like it fits in with your everyday life.

We are planning to gradually increase the number of keylime original items next year.

keylime Tokyo

Jumpei SEKI