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EGYBOY for keylime exclusive Hoodie

A special graphic hoodie made for the opening of keylime Tokyo.

EGYBOY are twin Lithuanian artists.

They are fascinated by parodying famous people, quotes and culture, sometimes with a touch of irony.

We want to make something special out of that.

With this in mind, we had a meeting at Zoom and asked them to make a souvenir item for us from Paris.

On the front, the words Paris and the Eiffel Tower with the Japanese flag.

The sense of humor that you can't quite figure out is good, isn't it?

The body is fleece-lined (a common specification in European sweatshirts) and thick, making it ideal for winter innerwear.

If you can make a statement with the Eiffel Tower glimpsed in the innerwear of wool coats and jackets.

Back print is "ONLY GOOD VIBES" and handwritten keylime logo.

I kind of like this "ONLY GOOD VIBES" message.

It's so important, don't you think?

I even want to make it the company motto of keylime Tokyo.

I saw a character in a film I saw once who was wearing it.

I remember a woman wearing it in a bar scene.

It wasn't adopted because I talked about it, but I really like the graphic.

As well as special orders, keylime Tokyo also has several hoodies.

We recommend this one, which we chose because we fell in love with the green on black body.

It's easier to wear than white and many people might like it.

I only wear plain clothes, so sometimes I want to wear something graphic like this.

Of course, it has to be in good sense.

It's "only good sense" with "only good vibes".

The hoodies not introduced this time is also listed below.

We look forward to seeing you again this weekend.

keylime Tokyo

Jumpei SEKI