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keylime Fabric Mist
keylime Fabric Mist
keylime Fabric Mist
keylime Fabric Mist
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keylime Fabric Mist


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About the product

keylime's original fabric mist developed in collaboration with THE FLAVOR DESIGN.
We aimed for a citrus-based scent that is not too sweet, refreshing, and leaves no aftertaste.

It can be used on clothes, bed linens, sofas, curtains, and many other places. Just a quick spray in a room will transform it into a refreshing space.

Made in Japan

*This product is not a perfume. It is a mist for clothes and fabrics. It is not for use on the body. Please refrain from using it for purposes other than its intended use.


Ingredients: Vodka / Anhydrous ethanol / Pure water / Flavor

Size Guide

Bottle size: W50 x H125mm

Contents: 100 ml



In the select shop keylime Tokyo, the label produces items that are not made by other brands and items that are to be introduced as standard items for a long time.

Care Guide

Please be careful not to lay the unit down and keep it upside down. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a place with minimal temperature fluctuation.