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Vague Watch Co. Every-One

Hello everyone.

This is Kubo, a staff member of keylime Tokyo.

The weather has been unstable, with warm summer-like temperatures and then suddenly cooling down to the point where you need to wear a jacket. I hope everyone is not getting sick. The temperature difference between day and night is quite extreme, even within a single day, so please take good care of yourself.

(Yesterday, I heard someone on Youtube saying that you should be careful on days when the temperature difference is more than 10 degrees Celsius because you are more likely to catch a cold.)

Nowadays, Thursday at keylime is the day when we update our Jounal, and it has also become the day when we release new products in our online store.

This week, we have a lot of new releases from S H, so please check out the New Arrivals page.

In such a situation, this product was released at the same time as the new products of S H.

We have had "Every-One", the first automatic watch (made in Japan) from Japanese watch brand Vague Watch Co.

The dial design is based on a certain model of a famous watch brand, but the size is a little smaller, 34mm boy's size.

The boy's size is the size between men's and women's, and it is a rare model with very few pieces in circulation, even though it has actually been released by a reference source in the past.

As I write this Journal, I myself have a slender wrist, and even if I wear a watch with a large dial, the slenderness of my wrist is often emphasized and overpowered by the power of the watch.

In talking with our customers, it seems that many of them have the same problem and are lost in the watch world.

I think this is a perfect product for those who have such a problem.

And yet, it is safe and secure, made in Japan, and automatic.

I'm not sure I want to get into the realm of so-called high-end watches, but I want to be particular about what I wear! It would be an excellent choice as an entry model for those who are not so inclined to go into the realm of so-called high-end watches.

This watch is available on our online store, but you can also try it on at our store, so if you are interested in this watch, please visit our store.

We are sure you will love it.

keylime Tokyo