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EYELIM MS-002 Denim Jacket

Hello everyone, my name is Kubo from keylime Tokyo.

First of all, let me say something. It's hot. It is supposed to cool down a bit over the weekend, but that will probably only last for a little while.

It's the first half of July now, and I hate to think that this heat will continue for a long time.

I think it would be better to enjoy fashionable clothes when going out in such hot weather by focusing on indoor places with air conditioning, because it is too hot no matter what you wear. I think it would be more enjoyable to dress fashionably in an air-conditioned room.

If you agree with such a statement, the product introduced here is especially recommended.


EYELIM is a brand started by Seki, the president of our company, and Miyata-san, the owner of HOMEDICT in Omotesando.

They are a hard-core brand that releases new items irregularly and, unusually for today's market, does not have an online store.

At the end of last year, the brand's first product, Denim Pants, was released.

This time, the brand's second product, the Denim Jacket, has a wide, short-length silhouette like the 2nd LEVI'S. Strictly speaking, the reference source is different.

Strictly speaking, the reference source is different, but I think it is easier to imagine in this way.

The fabric is different from the first MS-001. The dyeing of the indigo is also different, and the image may be a little less reddish than MS-001.

The thickness is 14 oz. So, it is not available as a set-up at the moment.



The front buttons are black-dyed brass.

It is a massive feeling that stands out because it is a simple product. The product is basically in a glued condition.

There is one one-washed and tumbler-dried item of each size, so you can try it on to see how it looks after washing.

Please also see the measurement chart for size comparison between glued and one-washed items.

This item is only available in stores.

This denim item is from the same brand, but has a different appeal from the first MS-001.

Although there are many denim products from keylime Tokyo, this product is also a modern take on denim with a twist that makes it a unique piece.

Please visit our store to try it out.

It's too hot in the modern summer, no matter what you do.

If you pursue only coolness, fashion will not be fun.

Let's stop and think about enjoying fashion first.

We look forward to seeing you again this week.

However, please be careful of heat stroke when you go out.

Please take measures such as sunshades and frequent rehydration before coming to the store.

keylime Tokyo Kubo